Every product has a soul.

GOODJOB is a Thai-Japan company based in Bangkok. The three core businesses of GOODJOB are the Lifestyle brand, Corporate gift service, and Café. All are operated under subsidiary brands ELEMOOD, STUDIES, and CAFE TOREADOR respectively.


....element that creates mood...

ELEMOOD has been part of GOODJOB since 2020 as our international brand. First launched in Japan in collaboration with Japanese designer, Kazumi Takahashi.

ELEMOOD creates design objects that engages contemporary culture while adhering to principles of good design, synthesizing strong considerations of material, form and craftsmanship.

For more info, please visit https://elemood.com


STUDIES creates fine stationery and accessories items for corporate customers. Minimal and modern is the key to our design, enhancing the customer's professional character. Products include a variety of card holders, notebooks, laptop bags, and wine bags for special events.


Café Toreador
A campus café situated in the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. We serve breakfast and lunch for the students and staff. The café is a contemporary space that expresses the creativity of the food as well as the people within.
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